Return or Exchange Policy


Return or Exchange Policy..

We will Feel very Apologies when we will get any Complaint from the customer Regarding Product. So we here provide very Simple Return or Exchange Policy.


1. Exchange or Return will happen if the received Product is Wrong Color or wrong design or completely wrong from the one which you have received.

2. When you have Received Damaged One.

3. When you are not Satisfied with the Product  (note: have to give the proper reason and valid reason)

4. Sorry to Say When the Product is Customized one will not Eligible for Return or Exchange.

5. Any Product except Customized one will be exchange or return TAT Is 24 Hours. Which Means You have to raise Return or Exchange Request with in 24 hours from when you have received the order.

6. For Return or Exchange you have to give us a Opening Video Proof of the product which you have received.

7.  The Opening Video Should Shows The Complete and Clear Damage or Mis Color Of The Product Which You have Received.